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Maybe We Should Reconsider & Pull For Idi Amin Or Something

With UNC and South Carolina playing this weekend, the focus has been on Steve Spurrier's ability to infuriate opponents and the 1989 game, his last visit to Kenan, when he was coaching Duke.

But the other subtext is the bitter 1971 parting of the ways between South Carolina and UNC. Ed Hardin talks about that and about how football used to be ambitious in the ACC, and we don't mean expansion.

South Carolina fans will bring a lot of ancient animosity to Chapel Hill, and will love sticking it to UNC, should they win, as they are expected to do. And UNC fans will hope to stick it to Spurrier to pay him back for 1989.

And for us, it's the rarest of the rare, as we find ourselves pulling for the Gamecocks for the first time in memory, and for Steve Spurrier, whose talents first took root in Wallace Wade.