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A Sure Cure For Insomnia

For anyone who might miss Herb "the Keymaster" Sendek's incendiary public personality, here are some recent comments about his ASU team. We recommend reading this just before bedtime.

  • "We showed consistent and significant improvement throughout our first season. Our men were resilient, tough-minded and determined. They stuck together, maintained a positive attitude, worked hard and battled."
  • "My first season in the Pac-10 confirmed my belief that the conference is as good as any in the country. We feature outstanding academic institutions, future NBA players and rich basketball traditions."
  • "Jeff had an outstanding sophomore season. He works hard and is always eager to improve. We are so excited about his capabilities for the upcoming season."
  • "Since he is a McDonald's All-American (2006), Eric's commitment sent a lightning bolt across the country. He gave us instant credibility and then helped us in practice last season. We are excited that he now will be helping us in games."
  • "We continue to be blessed with an outstanding group of coaches. They are character-based, experienced and passionate. They are united and determined to continue to advance Arizona State Basketball."
  • "It should be an exciting season. Our fan support continues to grow and certainly reflects the excitement around the program. Our student section was outstanding. We are determined to demonstrate continued improvement."