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How You Can Participate In President Brodhead's Review

As you may or may not know, President Brodhead is up for review. A lot of alums may not realize that their voices can be a welcome and constructive part of the process. Whether you support Brodhead or oppose him, we hope you will take a few minutes and send your thoughts in. The more input there is, the better they'll understand the position of the Duke community. The following is excerpted from the Duke Magazine.

This is your chance to evaluate Duke's President Brodhead!

Just e-mail & with your comments by November 1.

You can have an impact on whether or not President Brodhead gets a contract extension -- but you need to send in your comments by November 1 to or, or to the mailing address listed below.

As printed in the latest Duke Magazine (September/October 2007). "Former speaker of the North Carolina House of Representatives and trustee Daniel T. Blue Jr. is leading a committee to assess Richard H. Brodhead's first three years as president of Duke University. A similar review was carried out for Brodhead's predecessor, Nannerl O. Keohane, after her first three years in office, and also in 2000, as part of a process established in 1982 to evaluate presidents, officers, and deans at regular intervals.

"Blue J.D. '72 is joined by trustees Paula P. Burger '67, A.M. '74, dean for undergraduate education and vice provost for Johns Hopkins University; Alan D. Schwartz '72, president of Bear Stearns Companies Inc.; and Anthony Vitarelli '05, a student at Yale Law School--and faculty members from the law school, medical center, and Trinity College.

The committee will report to the board of trustees by the end of the calendar year.

Comments should be sent by November 1 to or, or to:

Presidential Review Committee
Duke University
Daniel T. Blue Jr., Chair
P.O. Box 91627
Raleigh, N.C. 27675