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Time To Back Our Guy

Everyone knows that Greg Paulus had a terrible game against Virginia
Tech. Coach K talked about it a bit, saying that while
Paulus has had a number of injuries he was well enough to play well.
And he
also said after a bad game - well, here's the whole quote:

"The best thing a player can have is amnesia. You forget
about what happened. Whether you have a high level of success or a bad game,
you have to do the same thing. We believe in Greg. He's a good player.

"He would be better right now if he hadn't been out for
five weeks, if he hadn't gotten sick and if he hadn't dislocated his finger.
... The kid hasn't had continuity. But he's healthy enough to play well. It's
been a tough time for him as it would be for any player with those injuries.
But it's part of the game."

All true. But as fans, we tend to be impatient, as
all fans are. And with the great success Duke has had over the years, we
have become more impatient still.

What does - or should - set Duke fans apart is the level
of support we offer our team. It's most obvious in Cameron, where the team
gets a legendary boost. But one of the downsides of success is that we do
grow impatient, and we expect Greg Paulus to be something of a cog, rather than
a 19-year-old who is a normal kid in many respects, and who might be a bit down
or just struggling to master a very complex and highly public position -
perfectly normal, frankly, and he's doing extraordinary things that most
19-year-olds never even get to attempt.

When the team gets back to Cameron, we hope the Crazies
get behind him and show him he's our guy and that we believe in him.