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ACC Roundup

In Sunday's ACC action, Virginia blew a game to Stanford it should have won,
and UNC blew out Florida State, 84-58, thus all but ensuring the #1 ranking when
the new polls come out (the current #1, UCLA, lost to Oregon Saturday).

Atlantic Coast Conference
<!a href="" target=_top>Clemson 2-0 16-0
<!a href="" target=_top>Virginia
2-0 11-4
<!a href="" target=_top>Boston
2-0 10-4
<!a href="" target=_top>North
1-0 14-1
<!a href="" target=_top>Virginia 1-0 9-4
<!a href="" target=_top>Wake
1-1 9-5
<!a href="" target=_top>Miami
1-1 8-8
<!a href="" target=_top>Maryland 0-1 14-2
<!a href="" target=_top>Duke 0-1 13-2
<!a href="" target=_top>Florida
0-2 12-4
<!a href="" target=_top>Georgia
0-2 11-4
<!a href="" target=_top>North
Carolina State
0-2 10-5

After the exhilarating win over Gonzaga, where Virginia really couldn't do
anything wrong, 'Hoo fans are likely to go off the deep end. It was in the
new arena, too, and that was the first loss in the new barn for Virginia.

For Dave Leitao, it's more of the same, as he was unhappy with the defensive
effort. And actually, while the Gonzaga game was somewhat surreal,
Virginia did allow 61 points in the second half, which isn't very

Washington Post
had some fairly harsh comments about Dave Leitao:
"Leitao shredded Virginia's defensive effort and performance as he moped
through his postgame news conference. Since he arrived here before last season,
he has wanted to predicate everything Virginia does on solid defense, and
Sunday's performance disgusted him. He ripped his team's post defense, the way
his guards rotated and the overall approach."

All things considered, it was a step back. After the ugly losses in
Puerto Rico, the Gonzaga win was a nice tonic. Stanford is a bitter

FSU hung with UNC for the first twenty minutes, but Tyler Hansbrough ate them
alive in the second half.

After Zach Peacock's dirty play against Clemson, Tech coach Paul Hewitt expects
him to be suspended for the Duke game.