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Latest Lax News

There were some developments in the lacrosse case Thursday. First, the
alleged victim (AV) had her baby,
a little girl, at UNC Hospitals,
prematurely and by c-section. And
second, a former lacrosse player has
filed suit against Duke and visting professor Kim Curtis.
WRAL has
posted the complaint.

The former player, Kyle Dowd, argues that Curtis "...engaged in extreme
outrageous and unethical conduct ... due to personal bias and prejudice,"
and that she gave him an F when, he argues, he had satisfied the course's

Curtis said that she failed him because he missed too many classes (six out
of 30), one excused for lacrosse competition, and five as a result of the
criminal investigation, and because he made "confused the characters from [a}book
which was the subject of the paper."

Needless to say, his case will rise or fall on documentation, although Duke
may ultimately decide it is wiser to settle quickly and without more negative publicity.