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Latest Lax News & Links

In lacrosse news, the biggest story is that the hearing scheduled for Monday has been pushed back three months. This is no surprise since new prosecutors have to get up to speed and have a ton of stuff to go through.

Normally, you wouldn't turn to a Maryland student to find an oddly moving expression of support for Duke, but Stefanie Williams, who went to high school with several members of Duke's lacrosse team, including one who has been indicted in the Duke case, has penned a very fine article supporting Duke's team, Maryland's team, and the sport in general.

Check it out:

Clearly I cannot change this tragedy. I cannot give the indicted three back their reputations, I cannot give the graduated seniors back their final season. No one can. The one thing I can do is support the sport I love and the guys who gave me one the best years of my college career. On March 2, Maryland will host Duke. Not only will I be there cheering exceptionally loud for our own team, but I will also be supporting Duke because it is the right thing to do. Duke contributes to our own program in so many ways and is a member of our ACC family. I encourage everyone to come and support both programs on March 2

Here's the latest from K.C. Johnson as well, with, as usual, a number of most interesting points. And in case you missed it, the Rev. Curtis Gatewood had a letter to the editor in the Durham paper on Jan. 28. which suggests that the Bar and "mobs" in Durham are conspiring to "verbally lynch" and "politically assassinate" D.A. Mike Nifong.