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ACC Roundup

Road woes were the story of Tuesday night, with both Maryland and Tech going home with new losses.

ACC Wednesday Night Action!
Teams Times TV
Hartford at B.C. 7:00 NESN
Miami at UNC 7:00 ESPN
NCSU at Virginia Tech 9:00 RSN
ACC Standings
Virginia Tech 6-1 .857 16-5 .762
North Carolina 5-1 .833 19-2 .905
Boston College 6-2 .750 14-6 .700
Duke 5-2 .714 18-3 .857
Virginia 5-2 .714 13-6 .684
Clemson 4-4 .500 18-4 .818
Florida State 4-4 .500 16-6 .727
Maryland 2-5 .286 16-6 .727
Miami 2-5 .286 9-12 .429
Georgia Tech 2-6 .250 13-8 .619
Wake Forest 2-7 .222 10-11 .476
NC State 1-5 .167 11-8 .579

Maryland got picked apart by Florida State 96-79, and are now in ninth place in the conference.  At 0-4 this season and 4-16 in their last 20 ACC road games, the Terps aren't exactly tearing things up.

Al Thornton shot 12-17 and FSU was merciless when Maryland double-teamed him.  As we expected, it was a fun game, with both teams running and scoring quickly, although defense was not a high priority for anyone.

In a bit of a surprise, although not a huge one, Wake beat Tech in Winston, 85-75.  They led for most of the game, before Tech closed at the end, but Wake won on free throws.

In fact, if this were a Duke game, no doubt Paul Hewitt (and if not Hewitt someone) would decry the free throw advantage the Deacs enjoyed (41 attempts to 24).

Javaris Crittenton had another rough game, at least statistically.

On Wednesday night, B.C. steps out of conference for a gimme against Hartford, UNC hosts Miami, a team with almost no chance of winning that game, and State welcomes Virginia Tech.

Of the three, the State game is the most interesting.

State is clearly suffering, and they've struggled a lot lately.  If you're a weak team in the ACC, there's no mercy.  You just take your whippings and get ready for next year.

But State has some nice pieces, if not enough of them, and Tech has at times been erratic.  We wouldn't count on an upset, but we wouldn't rule it out, either.