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Our First DBR Book!

We're really pleased to introduce our first DBR book today, and also to inaugurate a relationship with time ago, we looked at the collection of quotes we have gathered over the years, and sort of rediscovered a lot of things. It's a really interesting collection: some parts are hilarious, some provocative, some a bit sad, but all are interesting.

When we first started working with it, we realized that we had almost 400 pages, which was just huge. So we split it into two volumes, with the first being available today.

A note: there are two books on the page, with a note saying prices begin at 11.79 for the first, and 9.32 for the second. Here's why.

There is a hardback version, for anyone who would prefer a more substantial copy, and a perfect-bound paperback version. The first prices listed are for PDF downloads, an option you have for purchase. The books list for $20.00 and $30.00 for the paperback and the hardback respectively.

As you know, we've resisted the temptation for years to go to a subscription model and have tried very hard to keep an open site. But we do have to find ways to generate revenue. Buying products from our Lulu storefront (or Amazon or Cafe Press, which we expect to do more with), is a great way to support DBR and to help us to continue to grow.

And we're pretty sure you'll enjoy the book. Some of the stuff is just remarkable to look back on.

You can find a link to our Lulu store presently under DBR Stuff, where you'll also find links to our Amazon and Cafe Press store fronts. We hope you'll buy the book, and we hope you'll have as much fun with it as we have.