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Huge Auction - Four Contiguous Duke-UNC Tickets!!

We have a very special auction to announce: four tickets for the UNC game (2/7), all together. The tickets are section 15, row h, seats 6,8,10, 12. These are near center court. There aren't too many seats which are better than these, folks. On top of everything else, you'll see the action on the bench.The proceeds of the sale of these tickets will benefit ATAF, the Association for Truth and Fairness, which was spawned out of the criminal investigation of the the Duke men's lacrosse team. The Duke lacrosse players need to raise $3 million dollars to help defray their legal expenses.

Please bid on these tickets and remember that every dollar you pay for these tickets will help defray the legal expenses of the Duke lacrosse players, which have been $3 million so far.

Even if you don't bid - and we hope you do, even if it's just to push the price up higher - you can help out by making an online donation. If everyone who reads DBR contributed just five dollars, we'd help them a lot. There is this unfortunate myth that somehow, this is just an incovenience to three wealthy families. That's absurd of course. These families are spending everything they have to defend their children against a prosecutor who has no interest at all in offering them a fair trial.

You can learn more or contribute at TRUTHandFAIRNESS.

Important caveat: you'll need to to check on whether or not this auction is tax-deductible for you or not.