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Latest Lax News & Links

K.C. Johnson has a tremendous wrap-up of some recent lacrosse news, including the meanderings of the Durham Police department, the odd behavior of city manager Patrick Baker, audio clips of Linwood Wilson's gospel act, and an utterly remarkable suggestion by Nifong supporter Victoria Peterson: when the New Black Panthers were in town, Peterson, according to police reports, suggested - well, let's just quote this part:"Capt. Evans informed me that during the rally, Ms. Peterson was advocating burning down the house at 610 N. Buchanan. Capt. Evans told me that he quietly asked her not to continue telling people to burn the house. He also said that the leader of the group also stated that he did not agree with burning the property."

This is from the police report.

And in Saturday's Durham paper, Kim Brummell, who worked in the Nifong campaign, called on him to apologize for his behavior in the case. There are other letters worth reading as well.