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Barry Jacobs On Bombing Runs!

Twice within a month, an ACC team broke a school record for 3-pointers made in a game. The most recent instance came on Jan. 3, when Virginia went 18-for-34 on threes in a surprising rout of Gonzoga, the only nonconference team to defeat North Carolina. Earlier, Maryland set school records for 3-pointers attempted (37) and made (17) in a route of Missouri-Kansas City.Wake Forest retains the ACC record for most 3-pointers attempted in a game - 43 at home against North Carolina in 1998. The Demon Deacons also hold the ACC mark for threes made in a game - 19 in double-overtime at Clemson in 2002, Skip Prosser's first year at Winston-Salem.

Both ACC/Wake standards were set in defeat.

Perhaps surprisingly, most existing school records for 3-pointers were set in victory. The exceptions, besides Wake, were Clemson's 42 attempts in a loss at Chapel Hill and N.C. State's 42 attempts in a loss at Maryland and 18 made in a 1992 defeat against Florida State.

The 3-point shot has been in effect since the 1987 season.

Team Single-Game Records For 3-Pointers, As ACC Members
(Bold Indicates School Record Set This Season)
Team 3's Att. Site, Opponent, Year 3's Made Site, Opponent, Year
BC* 25 v. Sacred Hrt '06 8 5 times in '06, 2 in '07
Clem 42 @UNC '94 16 @ PR-Mayaguez '06
Duke 38 v. Monmouth '01 18 v. Monmouth '01
FSU 39 @Wich St. '04 17 @ Stetson '04
GaT 37 @UNC '96 17 v. Clemson '01
Md 37 v. Mo-K.C. '07 17 v. Mo-K.C. '07
Mia** 28 v. Md '05 13 v. UMass '05
UNC 35 v. Davidson '03 17 v. FSU '95
NCS 42 @ Md '91 18 v. FSU '92
UVa 38 v. Clem '00 18 v. Gonzaga '07
VaT** 29 v. Coppin St. '07 12 v. Coppin St. '07
WF 43 v. UNC '98 19 @ Clem '02

* Joined for 2006 season.

** Joined for 2005 season.

  • Boston College's record for threes attempted in a game, set while a member of the Big East, was 42 against St. Bonaventure's during the '03 season. Miami was the victim in 2001 when the Eagles set a school mark with 13 made 3-pointers.
  • Miami's record for 3-point attempts in a game, set as a Big East member, was 34 against Notre Dame in 2002. The Hurricanes made 15 against Georgetown in 1993, still the school high.
  • Virginia Tech tried 36 threes against Marquette in 1989 and made 16, both school records. Back then, the Hokies were in the Metro Conference along with Florida State, among others.
  • School records for best team 3-point percentage in a single game are all over the map. The ACC recognizes Duke as the leader with a 10-of-11 effort (.909 accuracy) against Clemson in 1988. Presumably the league prefers at least 10 attempts to qualify, since Virginia is not listed despite claiming perfect accuracy (1.000) for a contest in which it was 3-of-3 from the bonusphere.
  • Georgia Tech, Miami and North Carolina join Virginia in claiming 3-point accuracy records based on single-digit attempts. Boston College and Maryland don't seem to claim anything; we could not find single-game records for best 3-point percentage in their 2007 media guides. As far as we can tell, Maryland has never listed best single-game 3-point percentage by the team since the shot went into effect.

All charts by Barry Jacobs are the property of Barry Jacobs. The charts cannot be reproduced or disseminated without express written permission of Barry Jacobs.