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Close Call In Chapel Hill! Tragedy Averted!

The FITSter was checking the financial wire yesterday (loading up on waste disposal stocks has the FITS Family sitting pretty, with money in the bank and festering fecal matter on the range) when he read about a near tragedy in Chapel Hill, ground zero for tacky blue nation.It seems that due to some utterly thoughtless and irresponsible error, 2703 applicants to Ewe-N-See were erroneously sent e-mails on January 23 informing them of admission to said institution, when in fact no decision had yet been made on their applications.

FITS can only try to put himself in their place, but the horror is unimaginable. Picture yourself coming home to the computer and finding out that you might be condemned to the sprawling, vertical cement hell-hole of Chapel Hill for the next four years! Have you, admissions people, no shame?

t's kind of like hearing that a loved one is on board a plane that has crashed, only to find out later that he took a later flight.To the families who went through this nightmare, FITS sends his heartfelt condolences.

p.s. There was one mitigating factor according to sources close to the Ewe-N-See admissions office: since a healthy number of the erroneously informed applicants are functionally illiterate, they were unable to decipher the contents of the e-mail!