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ACC Roundup

In Wednesday night ACC action, Wake hung with UNC for a half before falling, 88-60; Maryland took out Tech 80-65, and Virginia beat State, 71-58. Not a competitive game among them.No one reasonably expected anything to happen to Wake except exactly what did happen, but State and Tech must be disappointed.

Maryland thoroughly controlled Tech. What's happened to Paul Hewitt's team? They are young of course, but they still have talent. So is Duke and UNC and everyone else these days.

Against Maryland, you barely knew Javaris Crittenton was out there, and he's really good. Hewitt brought both off the bench, going with his veterans. Didn't matter. When Tech is bad, they barely look like they understand the offensive end of the court. And they were really bad against Maryland: at one point, they were shooting 10% from the line. This was in the second half.

In the State-Virginia game, State actually made runs at UVa. But the first half was simply horrible, ending what - 26-19? That's Dick Bennett land, and while we love defense more than most, Dick Bennett land is one bad trip, man. That was just unbelievably ugly.

It's also the second straight stinkfest for State. And while Virginia won, we're guessing Dave Leitao probably blew a gasket too.

Still: UVa is in a tie for fourth place. Paul Hewitt would love to trade places.
The only ACC game Thursday is Duke-Clemson.