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ACC Roundup

In ACC Tuesday night action, Virginia Tech beat Miami, 92-85, and B.C. took out FSU, 85-82. Sean Marshall won the game in classic fashion, on a last-second three point buzzer beater.B.C. thus retains first place, and FSU falls to 2-5 in conference. FSU also falls to 14-6 , and is getting a bit close to an NIT sort of record.

Needless to say, it has to be a crushing defeat. FSU very nearly took out the first place team on the road and had it snatched away at the end. Tough break. They also failed to build on their upset of Virginia Tech.

Speaking of Virginia Tech, their snappy season continues. Miami fell behind by 21 early, twice no less, but managed to get within four inside of three minutes. They just couldn't do it.

In College Park, after a few mediocre seasons, the natives are getting restless and offering advice.

Maryland grad Norman Chad has an entertaining column with the usual Duke shot. Larry David is a Maryland grad? Who knew?

Anyway, the local media is growing skeptical. We'll see.

On a brighter note, Maryland AD Debbie Yow got a contract extension. Been a good week for the Yows.

The Arizona Star's Greg Hansen, who is a lousy columnist who was busted by cross-town columnist Corky Calhoun and suspended for comments about a UNLV-Arizona game, has a read up on former State coach Herb Sendek. Prediction: grim success.

One of the pleasures about watching the ACC is seeing guys grow up and become something better. Such is the case with UNC's Reyshawn Terry, who was to a certain extent mocked early in his career, but who has become a solid player on a very fine team.

Wake's Ishmael Smith has speed to burn, but not, at least lately, confidence to match. But everyone understands the potential.