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Jacobs On ACC Nicknames!

Match The ACC Coach With His Nickname:

Coach, School, Year A First Name
Banks McFadden, C (1947-56) Evan
Press Maravich, C, NCS (1957-62) (1965) Charles
Bobby Roberts, C (1963-70) Raymond
Tates Locke, C (1971-75) Horace
Bucky Waters, D (1970-73) Peter
Bud Millikan, M (1953-67) James
Lefty Driesell, M (1970-86) Harold
Bus Male, V (1954-57) Taylor
Bones McKinney, WF (1958-65) Christopher
Skip Prosser, WF (2002- ) George
James (Banks) McFadden
Peter (Press) Maravich
Christopher Columbus (Bobby) Roberts
Taylor (Tates) Locke
Raymond (Bucky) Waters
Harold (Bud) Millikan
Charles (Lefty) Driesell
Evan (Bus) Male
Horace (Bones) McKinney
George (Skip) Prosser