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Knight Takes The Record

After his Texas Tech Red Raiders beat New Mexico, 70-68, Bob Knight passed
Dean Smith Monday to become the all-time winningest coach in NCAA history.

After the win, Knight, who said he didn't care about the record, got fairly
emotional, probably about as emotional as he's ever been in public.

In the post-game celebration, along with speeches and the standard things
like the game ball and confetti and so on, videos from coaches like Mike
Krzyzewski and Rick Barnes were played, with Coach K saying "[y]ou
are the best there's ever been. I'm so glad you've been my mentor, you've been
my coach and you've been my friend."

One of the things that will come out of this
accomplishment is plenty of stories. We always like to read stories about
Knight, because seeing him from afar is seeing a caricature. No one likes
the chair tossing, or the rages he goes into at times. It's really not
necessary and has cost him dearly. And the story we read the other day about how
one of his players cursed in practice and Knight told him "don't ever use
that kind of !@#$ language in this gym again!" really sums up
something about the man, or at least what we in the provinces see of

So anyway, here are some stories and links
about the man, the myth, and the legend.