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Latest Lax Links & News

Here are the latest lacrosse case links.  The most interesting news is that Congressman Peter King, R-NY, has become the third House member to ask for Mike Nifong's case to be investigated by the Justice Department.  The most bizarre is the performance of Nifong supporter Victoria Peterson before the Durham City Council.  Duke has been pushing to rezone Central Campus and, basically, to rebuild it in a major way.  Peterson went off on Duke, saying that "Because it's Duke with their money and influence, you want to overlook a lot of the stuff they've done. They've embarrassed this community."Peterson continued to heckle the members of the board during and after the meeting, leading Cora Cole-McFadden, who defeated Peterson in the recent election for council, to call her a "liar." 

Hilariously, council member Eugene Brown said this:  "I think she crossed the Rubicon last night. She cut her throat with her own tongue. She simply got out of control, it was off the agenda item, and there are a lot of people upset. She did a great job of alienating everyone on the council."

That's a hall-of-fame mixed metaphor!

Anyway, sounds like the council has  had their fill.