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Latest Lax News & Links

Here are the latest links to the lacrosse case and a number of
developments. First, a group of professors has issued a statement about
the original statement posted by the professors now known as the Group of
88. Secondly, Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez has declined to open a
federal investigation of the case at this time. Third, Cash Michaels
quotes Duke's John Burness as saying that he was told in a phone call by Duke
police that when the alleged victim (AV) and Kim Roberts arrived,
"unidentified white males" said "Oh no. We’re not going to
f—k a n_____ bitch.”

Surprisingly, Kim Roberts has never reported this herself, although she did
report the post-party taunts.

And finally, Mary Winstead, who is one of the two prosecutors taking over the
case, is a former colleague of Mike Nifong's, though as one attorney pointed
out, she is handling the investigation of Nifong's case, not the investigation
of Nifong himself.

And finally, Congressman Peter King becomes the third member of the house to ask Attorney General Alberto Gonzalez to investigate Mike Nifong's handling of the case.