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ACC Roundup

Saturday sees something we're still not entirely used to: 10 ACC teams in
action on the same day.

ACC Saturday Action!
Teams Times TV
NCSU vs. WF 12:00 Zip
Clemson vs. Md 2:00 ESPNU
UVa vs. B.C. 2:00 Nope
UNC vs. VT 3:30 ABC
Atlantic Coast Conference
<!a href="">Clemson 3-0 17-0
<!a href="">Boston
3-0 11-4
<!a href="">North
2-0 15-1
<!a href="">Virginia
2-0 12-4
<!a href="">Miami
2-1 9-8
<!a href="">Virginia 1-1 9-5
<!a href="">Georgia
1-2 12-4
<!a href="">Wake
1-2 9-6
<!a href="">Maryland 0-2 14-3
<!a href="">Duke 0-2 13-3
<!a href="">Florida
0-2 12-4
<!a href="">North
Carolina State
0-3 10-6

State travels to Wake to take on the Deacs, Virginia goes to B.C.,UNC travels
to Virginia Tech, FSU takes a trip up to Atlanta to take on Georgia Tech, and
Clemson goes to College Park to try to continue their recent dominance of
Maryland and to maintain their perfect record, in conference and overall.

Maryland had an absolutely dreadful game against Miami, and their recent
history against Clemson is not good. But they're at home, their backs are
to an extent against the wall, and you can reasonably expect a very intense
performance from both teams. It should be a great game. Unfortunately for
many, it's on EPSNU.

Virginia and B.C. have both been up and down so far, but both have shown
signs of being able to play on a high level. Virginia's problems have
revolved around defense and rebounding; B.C. has had to replace Craig Smith and
has struggled with numerous injuries. But as they so often seem to do,
B.C. works out their kinks, and there they are, sitting at the top of the

Florida State is in a mildly tough spot: 0-3 will be a hole to dig out
of, and they have some talent, so they really shouldn't be in a jam. But
there they are. Tech meanwhile, coming off of their big Duke game, could
be in a pretty good situation with a win. After FSU, they get UNC,
Maryland, Virginia Tech, and Wake Forest. If they come out of that stretch
at 5-3, their path to the tournament is open.

Virginia Tech is capable of playing at a high level, and with an experienced
team, they could give UNC some trouble. But UNC's depth is pretty much
unheard of, and their defense has improved. Seth Greenberg says their
margin of error is pretty slim, but things happen. You never know.
And a win in this game would go a long ways towards earning a

State and Wake won't be a great game, but it could be interesting. Both
teams are rebuilding, and both have some interesting young players. Plus
both coaches like to run, so it could be entertaining.