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Duke-Maryland Rematch!

So far this season, the ACC women have had a remarkable level of success,
with Maryland, UNC and Duke ranked #1, 2, and 3 respectively. That will
change Saturday.

Duke and Maryland face off in Cameron with
the top ranking on the line and with the scintillating title match of last
spring still in the air. Duke had a lead but Maryland made a stunning
comeback and stole the title on a last-second shot. It'll be talked about
for a long time, just as UNC's title, won on a last-second jumper, is still
talked about.

Duke comes in with what Miami coach Katie Meier calls "the smartest team
in the country," and smarts is a big deal in a basketball game. But
Maryland obviously continues to play brilliantly.

All things considered, it should be a great game. It's at 12:30 on Fox