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Sixty Minutes To Interview DNA Expert

Sixty Minutes is going to revisit the lacrosse case, as Leslie
Stahl interviews the head of DNA Security, Brian Meehan.
Perhaps the
most interesting part released so far is that Meehan says he's "irked"
with Nifong's behavior, and that he took six months to admit the full truth of
the DNA, even though he filed a court motion saying that he wasn't aware of
exculpatory evidence - something he said he did to protect the privacy of the
other lacrosse players.

By the way, in Dorothy Rabinowitz's column on Thursday, she said that
President Brodhead waited seven months to mention that the students had a right
to a presumption of innocence. Rabinowitz was wrong: Brodhead
affirmed the principle as early as March 25th, and reiterated it on 60 Minutes.
To a certain extent, we can understand the error: there's a lot to keep up

Here's a quote from the New York Times, though, that underscores the
increasingly surreal nature of this case: "The interview is the first
time anyone from the prosecutor’s office talked with the woman about the case.
She has made five comprehensive statements, interviews with a sexual assault
nurse and detectives, recorded remarks at the photo lineup with the police, a
statement in her handwriting and the interview with Mr. Wilson. Each
statement contradicts parts of the others.
" (emphasis ours).

The News & Observer says that "[t]he new account, however,
contradicts the woman's cell phone records, time-stamped photographs of the
party, 911 records and all her previous statements."