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Seligmann Cleared?

According to a new motion filed in the lacrosse case today, the alleged
victim claims the following:

  • The attack took place between 11:35 and midnight, which contracticts Reade
    Seligmann's cell phone records and her own.
  • Now she says Reade Seligmann was not the man who forced her to commit oral
    sex; it was instead allegedly David Evans. ds
  • Dave Evans didn't have a mustache; he had a "5 o' clock shadow."
  • She can no longer say for certain if her rectum or vagina were penetrated
    by penises.

There's a lot more to go through. The biggest development is that Reade
Seligmann may be cleared.

As usual, K.C. Johnson has
pored over the documents
and thoroughly analyzed them.