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More On Jasmine Thomas

Here are a few links on Duke's newest future star, Jasmine Thomas: an overall
of Duke's recruiting; an article from her AAU
. In terms of her overall talent and what she can mean to the program,
she's Duke's most important recruit since Alana Beard and Monique Currie. She
will bring the star power needed to compete with UNC and Maryland. Indeed,
Coach G is recruiting to combat the Heels in particular. UNC's team speed has
increased in recent years to go along with a powerful inside game thanks to
Erlana Larkins. With Thomas' 32 inch vertical, along with the incredibly
athletic Krystal Thomas (a shotblocker supreme) and powerful leaper Karima
Christmas, you have a class tailor-made to play against UNC. Adding Kelley
Cain would be the power player needed to replace Alison Bales. Duke is in very
good shape with several prospects in the high school classes of 2008 and 2009 as
well. The future is quite bright for Duke, and they should be able to compete
with anyone in the country.