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A Depressing List Of Headlines

Every so often, you can look down a page like SI or ESPN, and see a
depressing list of headlines. Such is the case Saturday, when all these
are listed:

• San
Diego State gives Fisher 5-year contract
• One
cleared, 2 charged in Duquesne case
• Iowa's
Henderson, Smith charged with theft
• Pair
of Alaska Fairbanks players arrested
• Niagara
players will be disciplined for assault
• Ashaolu
| Jones
waives trial rights
• Former Hawkeyes
star Pierce freed from jail
• O'Brien
wants OSU award increased to $3.7M
• Jackson
St. player freed on bond after arrest
• Arkansas
St. suspends guard for 14 games

Steve Fisher is the good news? He's the guy who presided over the train
wreck at Michigan, and he's still coaching.

On the other hand, he didn't shoot anyone, didn't get arrested for theft or
assault, and isn't suing his former employer who fired him for cheating.