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Two Iowa Players Arrested

Steve Alford is from a basketball family, son of a coach, a legendary college
shooter, and played for one of the great minds in college basketball, Bob
Knight. So given his background, why does he keep turning up with
boneheads on his team?

Just as Pierre Pierce got out of prison,
two of his current players were arrested at a Dillard's.
Alford, who
took some heat for letting Pierce continue after his earlier troubles, makes it
clear that he's not kicking these guys off the team either, saying he expected
no further trouble from either of them.

Probably not, but one thing about Knight, love him or hate him, is you know
what to expect. These guys would have been booted from his team, and
everyone could see it coming from a mile away if it came to that.

Great Knight story: when he had his in-home with Isaiah Thomas, Thomas's
brothers were angling for extras. After a while, Knight blew his top, told
Thomas his brothers were ruining his life and left. Thomas came after him,
asked him back, and committed soon thereafter.