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Johnson Takes On Herald-Sun, Nifong

KC Johnson has several things
up worth reading:
first, another spot-on critique of the Herald-Sun, where
he finds editor Bob Ashley blatantly misrepresenting what Louis Cheek said about
his non-campaign (as part of a larger argument about the anti-Nifong vote), and
secondly, a riff on D.A. Nifong, who a) "has time to look up the residence
of people who email him and send back sarcastic replies, but not to read the
Kirk Osborn motion detailing Reade Seligmann's alibi?" and b) has filed a
motion "asking the judge to order defense attorneys to testify about their
involvement in a poll of Durham County voters, which he claims was designed to
influence the jury pool and therefore violated the state bar's code of ethics."

According to this article, the
defense attorneys admit to having sponsored the calls.

And for a bonus, he links to LaShawn Barbour, who rips Nifong's claims of
integrity and hoots at his admiration for "To Kill A Mockingbird," and
takes a whack at Duke prof Karla Holloway, who has a number of, one might
say, interesting and innovative ideas about gender, justice, and academia.
We've only read her essay casually thus far, but her suggestion of a great
personal loss struck us. Apparently she is referring to her adopted son,
Bem, who was shot
while trying to escape from prison.