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The Latest Hit To The Lacrosse Case

On Monday, the News & Observer revealed that when the alleged victim in
the lacrosse case was taken to the Durham Access Center, she
was interviewed by three women, one of whom took handwritten notes.

Previously, D.A. Mike Nifong had said there were no notes, and only a log.

This continues a pattern from the prosecutor's office and the police
department, which, if one is being generous, could be termed incompetence.
Think of the biased lineups which violated DPD and Justice Department
guidelines, the fact that Nifong speculated openly about condoms perhaps being
used when the AV said there were no condoms used, the refusal to consider
exulpatory evidence, the missing toxicology report, the medical report to which
Nifong referred before he had it in hand, the unorthodox dorm room interviews,
the curious e-mail coming from one player's account which he says he did not
send - really, when is enough enough?

Assume for argument's sake that the facts in the case justify
prosecution. Fine; the evidence will then speak for itself and if a
conviction is warranted, then by all means, convict them. We know of no
one who wants men who are guilty of such heinous crimes to walk.

But does that mean the prosecution is justified in doing whatever it takes to
win a conviction?

Let us separate the defendants and the charges for the moment and look at the
conduct of the authorities. There is a pattern of conduct which is
alarming, and either the city, the state, or the justice department, or a
combination of all three, should investigate.

And certainly voters should be taking note.

In light of this latest revelation, KC
Johnson asks 20 questions about how the case has been handled.