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VPI 36, Duke 0

The loss to Virginia Tech was unfortunately tinged with controversy, as Duke
quarterback Thaddeus Lewis was taken out with a late hit and left with a
concussion. It wasn't the only late hit of the game, either, not
even the only late hit by Aaron Rouse.

It's one thing to lose a football game to a vastly superior opponent,
but it's another entirely to lose players to that sort of thing. Someone
should speak to Frank Beamer about his team's sportsmanship.

Football, in general, is probably not working out like the ACC expected when
expansion was brooked. Florida State and Miami were supposed to be leading
the pack, but both programs are slipping. Neither one is as fearsome as it
appeared a few years ago.

B.C. is hanging in there, and so is Virginia Tech. Clemson is looking
promising, and Wake is undefeated, but when you get past them, the conference
goes south pretty quickly.

Maryland and Virginia are less than overwhelming; UNC and State are below
par, even for Big Four football, and the jury is still out on Georgia
Tech. At 13-14 overall, the conference hasn't even broken .500, and most
of that is against outside competition.