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And Now, A Word (For) Our Sponsors

Future sponsors you will see on our web site are absolutely crucial to the survival, success and continued improvement of our DBR thang. These folks know what's going on here, and they are impressed enough with you guys as a group to try and get you to do business with them. We really appreciate their committment to DBR and to all of us here.

When we can, we need to let them know we appreciate it. So if you are in the market for a service one of our sponsors offers, would you please consider them first? You might ultimately decide to choose someone else, but shooting a little love their way would be really helpful for DBR.

Please check out future messages and deals offered by our sponsors, and occasionally, check our Sponsors Page. And if you use them, let them know by emailing them or by sending your message to us (we’ll pass it along). Thanks for helping out!