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The Anti-Nifong Movement Grows

We're hesitant to tell anyone how to vote, but having learned what we've
learned so far about the lacrosse case, we've become deeply skeptical about that
and more importantly, about the fairness of the D.A.'s office. If you live
in Durham, one of your choices is to get shed of Mike Nifong, and if you think
that's the right course of action, then you should visit <!font size="2">

And a special note to Duke students: as the Chronicle suggested the
other day, not only do you have to take a serious look at Nifong's management of
the case (and his ethics as well), but if the article about Sgt. Gottlieb is to
be believed (and why not ask the students quoted? They'll surely tell you what
you need to know), then Duke students are not being treated the same as everyone
else is. You are, in fact, being accorded a harsher brand of

Given the acts of the two men, and that Duke has not particularly challenged
this sort of behavior for you, you need to challenge it yourself.
Registering to vote would be a great way to put people on notice. You are
residents of Durham, and you have a choice. You need not accept unethical
prosecutions or bully-boy police tactics.

Register to vote, and use your vote to send a message: Duke students
are as much a part of Durham as any other voters are, and will not stand for
discriminatory treatment.

Given the closeness of the primary election, and the low turnout for
municipal elections, your vote, the Duke vote, could carry the election.
You have the power to walk the streets without being scared of the
authorities. Now the question is: will you use it?