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KC Johnson's Latest

KC Johnson continues to make interesting posts about the Duke lacrosse case,
this time asking: just how in
the heck did the McFayden e-mail show up?
And why did it show up when it

He also points out that Duke prof Orin Starn is willing to go to Armenia to
monitor due process in the case of a Duke student (ridiculously) charged with,
essentially, researching the genocide by Turks against Armenians - but couldn't
be bothered with violation of due process in his own town. Brilliant

Yesterday, we got an e-mail challenging our post about the Chronicle's
article about Sgt. Mark Gottlieb and how he treats Duke students.

Our point, which we might have made a bit more eloquently, is that in the
lacrosse case, with a lack of witnesses, a lack of DNA, a tremendous alibi by
one alleged assailant, and a patently stacked deck in the lineup, the victim's
word is enough to justify charges.

And to be clear, we understand that that is often the case in a rape

However, that is the bar that is set, and that's our point: the evidence
against Gottlieb is much stronger than the evidence against the Duke lacrosse
players. Multiple people support the thesis, and statistics and arrest
records back it up as well. So isn't an investigation warranted?

Tangent alert! We had the misfortune of reading American Psycho some
time ago. If there's been a more disgusting, obscene book, we don't know
of it. We lost it when the psycho - well, it's too sick and the image is
still disturbing.

Why would Duke still use this book? It's a piece of horse dung.