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Other 9/11s

While our attention is obviously focused on events five years ago,
we should take some time out to remember other events that took
place on September 11, some tragic, some comic, and some mundane.

9/11/1297: The Battle of Stirling Bridge, where William Wallace and Andrew de Moray defeated the British.

On September 11, Henry Hudson sailed
into New York harbor and discovered Manhattan Island. Perhaps if
he'd turned around, things would have been different. No, probably not.

Today is the 149th anniversary of the Mountain Meadows massacre,

In 1922, the British Mandate of Palestine began. Now, maybe if that
hadn't taken place, 9/11 would not have its significance.

We've now had the Hoover Dam for 70 years.

In 1965, the First Cavalry landed at Qui Nhon.

Please remember Victor Jara, in the Santiago Stadium
1973, the elected president of Chile, Salvador Allende, was deposed in a
military coup. This later lead to one of the first acts of foreign
terrorism in the United States, when operatives of Augusto Pinochet,
the Chilean dictator, killed Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffitt
with a car bomb in Washington, DC, on September 21, 1976.

Pete Rose broke Ty Cobb's all-time hit record in 1985.