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Tough Loss, But A Courageous Performance

Duke lost a heartbreaker to Wake Forest on Saturday, when the Deacs blocked a
last-second field goal which Duke set up after a tremendous drive in the last
minute and half or so. But stop a second and ask yourself this:
which Triangle team had the best Saturday this weekend?

Sure wasn't UNC, after getting their heads handed to them by Virginia
Tech. And State fans are not going to be happy about losing to

Duke lost, but after the Richmond game, a lot of people wrote off the
season. It was a tough loss for the team, but given the tremendous
performance by quarterback Thaddeus Lewis, everyone around the program has to be
feeling much, much better about things.

However, the upcoming stretch is just brutal: Virginia at home, Alabama down
there, and then Florida State and Miami in Durham.

But pretty clearly the team showed some heart today, which is what we expect
out of a Ted Roof coached bunch. May it continue.