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Doherty Update!

As part of his repackaging, Matt
Doherty has started a blog.
It is interesting, but also a bit
weird. He talks about the importance of body language and
communication with no sense of irony whatsoever. Remember the Doherty/Buckner
run-in, and how he raised his hands then turned away? Read on:

"Body language, bench decorum and overall attitude are critical too.
Body language is 50% of communication, so if I see a kid making bad faces or
throwing his palms in the air after a coach tries to make a point to him it is a
serious 'red flag'".

Also a bit odd is Doherty's confessed practice of "faux calling,"
which he says is useful to find a rental car when you don't remember what you

And perhaps even weirder is Doherty's
use of "the Duke model,"
although he was doing that to an extent
at UNC, recruiting athletes over position, for instance.

But he's selling SMU as "the Duke of Dallas."

Final touch of weirdness, given Doh's well-documented mood swings in Chapel
Hill: SMU's homecourt? Moody Coliseum.

If it's not, it will be soon.