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The N&O Makes A Correction

The N&O has
an important correction
for their Sunday story about the lacrosse team:

This report on the Durham lacrosse case Sunday contained an error involving
the timing of a discussion between District Attorney Mike Nifong and
Investigator Michelle Soucie.

On April 4, Nifong instructed Soucie to nail down what the accuser in the
case had done on the day prior to the alleged rape. That was nearly two weeks
before the first two indictments in the case.

This error changes the implication of the first five paragraphs of the
story: that the conversation between Nifong and Soucie was an example of the
words and actions of police and prosecutors outpacing the facts in the file.

The error does not affect the accuracy of the remainder of the story, which
reported gaps between the prosecution's words and its evidence.

We regret this error.