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U.S. Off To A Promising Start

The early reviews on Team USA are pretty positive. As discussed
previously, the team has been receptive to Coach K's message of togetherness and

We heard Mike DeCourcy on the radio Friday, and he made a couple of
interesting points: 1) physically, there is virtually no difference
between Elton Brand and LeBron James; 2) James and Carmelo Anthony can both play
three positions - small forward, power forward, and point guard. That's an
amazing versatility. Really, you could leave the low post to Brand, et.
al., and argue four positions.

He also said that if they could bring 15 players, they could run three
distinct units during the games. As is, they can run two with a couple of deep

The U.S. hasn't fully adapted to the new rules: Shane Battier is the
only guy batting balls off the rim after misses, for instance.

But with James, Anthony, and Wade, and Battier for that matter, the core of
the team is highly versatile and mobile. If they take away the three, and
put relentless pressure on the ball, shots will be missed anyway, but then
they'll be really missed when the legs go late in the game.

Anyway, blah, blah, blah. Here are some links of greater interest.