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World Update!

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We're still having some connection issues, so our apologies if this arrives
late. Here are the latest links we have on the world championships in
Japan. Gotta love the Battier read!

With Mike Montgomery's departure from the Warriors, Mike
Dunleavy gets a fresh start. And
Don Nelson may be just the guy to get him going.

According to Sports Illustrated, J.J.
Redick will plead guilty to drunken driving charges.
Might as well -
it's very hard to argue with that sort of evidence.

Here's an update on Arthur
Agee of Hoops Dream fame,
and how his life has turned out thus far.
He's had more than his share of tragedy, but he's also had his share of delusion
as well.

You don't see this every day - a
Kentucky target spurns Lexington and picks Charlotte instead
. This
can't be good news for the somewhat beleaguered Tubby Smith.