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The D.C. Gold Mine

Winn has a column up at about talent in D.C.
It's nothing new,
of course - D.C./Baltimore has been an astounding talent bed for decades.
You can rattle off the big-timers pretty quickly: Danny Ferry, Grant Hill
(we'd count the suburbs as part of the basic talent base), Tommy Amaker, Johnny
Dawkins, Adrian Dantley, Kenny Carr, Hawkeye Whitney, and that's without really
trying. There are a lot more players on the way, though, including Nolan Smith
and Tywon "on" Lawson.

The beat goes on.

Incidentally, it's worth mentioning that the ACC owes a lot to Gary Williams
for contesting Georgetown for D.C. talent. Back in the day, when Big John
ran things instead of Not-So-Big John, Georgetown controlled the talent market -
and so did the Big East in general. Williams changed that dynamic, and the
ACC is in his debt, both for talent and for eyeballs during gametime.