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Michaels Questions Nifong's Ethics

Michaels continues his turn against Mike Nifong,
raising a question we
raised sometime ago: can black voters trust Mike Nifong? Our
argument has been that if he would pursue such a case against people who have
some access to power, what would he do to people who have none?

Michaels hits Nifong pretty hard here and while he has some lingering
concerns about what happened, his reversal is remarkable. One point which
he might have made, but didn't (he apparently wrote this before reading the NYT
article linked yesterday), is that the towel which was found with David Evans'
DNA would have presumably had the AV's as well, since she said she was cleaned
with a rag.

Another question which is worth asking is this: while it was thoughtful
of Sgt. Gottlieb to type his case notes, where are the originals? He
originally said he only took a few handwritten notes, which somehow became 33
typed pages.

In other news, there
will be no cameras in the courtroom.

One other question: presumably the discovery file was leaked, almost
certainly by someone on the prosecutorial staff. Is this a violation of
the gag order?