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Mr. Blackwell, Violent Patriot!

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Gregg Doyel has long since gone from being a semi-professional journalist to
a Mr. Blackwell impersonator and a well-known Coach K/Duke hater. His
latest column is no exception:

"Rooting for the United States in international competition is
unavoidable. Even a heartless SOB like me pulls for the red, white and blue.
Doesn't matter what the sport, if it's an international event and an
American is competing, I'm rooting. Even in track, where I want our
cheater to beat their cheater.

"But rooting against Mike Krzyzewski is also unavoidable. Maybe I'm
not speaking for Duke fans -- which means graduates of Duke, parents of
graduates of Duke, and front-running ghouls who also root for the Yankees,
Steelers and Wal-Mart -- but for everyone else, I'm speaking for you. It's

Whatever. Pretty obviously, if Duke ever blew sunshine up Doyel's
skirt, it hasn't happened in awhile, and his lack of professional behavior is
old news. But we have to ask this: is it acceptable for him to close
his article in this manner?

"I'll be rooting for the United States to win the 2006 FIBA World
Championship, even if it means the sight of a gold medal -- instead of
something more enjoyable, like, I don't know, say my fingers -- around Coach
K's neck."

There have been a lot of things said by a lot of people about Mike Krzyzewski,
but outside of the fringier fringe like, say, Manhattan Heel, and certainly
among the supposedly respectable members of the fourth estate, this is the most
violent wish we've read.

On the other hand, and Doyel knows this, Krzyzewski would beat him like a
rented mule. Or a jackass. Take your choice!