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Schedule's Out!

new schedule it out!
Duke's 2006-07 schedule starts off with a nice
touch - Robert Brickey brings his Shaw team to Cameron for an exhibition game.

There are the usual warm-up teams - Columbia, either Ga. Southern or UC
Davis, UNC-G, then Davidson for a stiffer test (never underestimate a Bob
McKillop team), then Indiana, Georgetown, Holy Cross, George Mason, Kent State,
and Gonzaga before the holidays.

After the break, Duke welcomes San Jose State and Temple, without John Chaney
as strange as that seems, before going into the meat of the ACC

Once again, expansion stinks: Duke, for the third straight year, plays
Wake and N.C. State only once. Football uber alles and all that, but you'd
think the conference would find a way to nourish the heart of it's passion.

  • The entire schedule is on TV with the sole exception of UNCG.
  • Duke makes its premiere visit to UVa's fancy new barn as well.
  • Krzyzewski could face Bob Knight's Texas Tech team in the College
    Basketball Experience Classic.
  • FSU's coffers take a hit - neither Duke nor UNC visit this year.