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U.S. Puts A Whippin' On Puerto Rico!

The U.S. put a hurting on
Puerto Rico in the exhibition/scrimmage game,
winning all four quarters and
by an overall score - if they hadn't reset the clock for each quarter - of

You may remember that in the last Olympics, under Choke - er, Coach - Larry
Brown, P.R. put a substantial whipping on the U.S. Things seem to be a bit

One of the real threats to win the World Championship in Japan is - has to be
- Argentina.
Aside from their brilliant play in the last Olympic games, they boast four NBA
players. So it won't be easy - assuming they both make it, of course.

We're not big Sam Smith fans, but it's nice to see that
he's feeling good about the team's odds.
So, too,
does Dirk Nowitzki.