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Wade Emerges

Looks like out of all the guys who were at the national team tryouts, no
one made a bigger impression on Coach K than Dwyane Wade,
who may end up
being captain of the team.

And of course, Chris Paul has been sensational at point guard. Add in
Greg Oden in a year or two, and that's a pretty dynamic threesome to take on the
world. And Coach K
is also very high on Carmelo Anthony,
even though no one wants to mention
Carmelo and high in the same sentence anymore. Anthony thinks this team is
much better than Larry Brown's ragged 2004 Olympic team, by the way.

By the way, if you don't remember, Oden was guarding two seven footers by
himself in AAU ball not too long ago. That's pretty amazing, and even
though international ball is very different - the lane is much wider for
starters - a big guy who's that mobile shakes things up a lot.

And speaking of the national team, while they are having people speak to
them, has anyone thought of getting Bill Russell involved?