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An Early ACC Peek!

Andy Katz and
Jay Bilas have stuff up on the ACC next year,
and it's a pretty good
read. UNC is
the focus,
with the immensely talented class they have coming in and how
they'll integrate everyone. No matter what they do, though, some people
are going to have to sit. Bobby Frasor, Marcus Ginyard, and Danny
Green are very likely to be passed by Wayne Ellington, Tywon "on"
Lawson, and Brandon Wright, in minutes if not by position. Reyshawn Terry
has made his case, but his minutes may also be affected, and Wes Miller only
brings one meaningful skill to his team, long range shooting.

William Graves, Deon Thompson, and Alex Stephenson will want time as
well. And no one is even talking about Quentin Thomas and Mike

If you assume Lawson will become the point guard, which is a reasonable
assumption, and play 30 minutes a game, which seems quite possible, then you
have 50 minutes to split between Ellington, Frasor, Ginyard, Green, Thomas, and

Ellington, Frasor, Ginyard and Green will compete for that spot, and someone
will get the majority of the minutes.

Tyler Hansbrough is a lock to start up front, of course, and moving Terry to
the bench would be a bad thing chemistry-wise, at least at first. Brandan
Wright is also likely to start,

You never know how things will turn out, but our guess is that Graves,
Miller, Copeland, Thomas, Thompson, and Stephenson will be the second-tier
players, watching Hansbrough, Lawson, Ellington, Ginyard, Frasor, Wright and
Green form the main part of the rotation.

For Duke, the talent may not be as deep, but there are some interesting
situations. As Coach K soaks up the Olympic prep work, one of the
interesting things to see is how (and if) he applies what he's learning from
Phoenix coach Mike D'Antoni, whose internationally influenced style has his team
roaring up and down the court.

Certainly if he wants to turn it up a bit he'll have talent to do it:
DeMarcus Nelson is a huge talent despite his injury problems. Gerald
Henderson, Jr. is also wildly gifted. He didn't show it as much last year
as he was mastering the system, but Marty Pocius has unusual talent as
well. Jon Scheyer is from all accounts a tough customer and a kid who is
used to playing and winning.

Josh McRoberts showed some amazing things last year, and as the go-to guy
this year, he's got a lot more to demonstrate.

Duke filled a real weakness when Lance Thomas signed. They had fits
with quick forwards, a problem Thomas should help with right away (so should

And we're hearing that Dave McClure and Brian Zoubek are exceeding
expectations considerably.

Jamal Boykin is the guy right now who probably has the most to prove.

We'll break the rest of the conference down later, but be sure and read what
Katz and Jay have to say. It's pretty sharp.