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Olympic Update!

A lot of the critics of Coach K and the Olympic approach probably don't
understand a key fact in the new plan: one of Krzyzewski's greatest
gifts is that he is a master psychologist. But he's also particularly good
at analyzing a situation and understanding where the problems are. His
attention to detail is pretty fanatical, and the combination of these skills
will lead to good things.

But, as the New York Times points out, even if things go well this time, that
doesn't mean the problem is solved long-term.

is well represented in Vegas for the national team workouts
, with Danny
Ferry and one-time UVa guard Lance Blanks (who transferred, but we forget
where -ooh, wait, Texas, back when they still sucked!), who is now an assistant GM for the Cavs, among others.

One of the guys who has won a lot of praise, which he certainly didn't get
last time out, is Carmelo
You may remember he groused on the bench when Larry Brown was
running the Olympic team into the ground.