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10 Years!

Happy birthday to us! DBR launched online 10 years ago, if you can
believe that, in 1996. We were at that point a ragged little site, but we
kept at it and built something pretty cool.

We could go on about the highlights over our time here - the April Fool's
prank about Dean Smith returning, which got national attention was a favorite -
but mostly what we have liked is the people.

We've made a lot of new friends and touched base with some we haven't talked
to in a while. Some have met through this site and gotten married. A
lot of people have made a lot of friends, and that's deeply satisfying.

So as we enter our second decade, we'd like to take a moment and say
thanks. Thanks to everyone who comes here, thanks for all the remarkable
support, and most of all, thanks to everyone who supported us when we asked for
donations to keep the site going. You guys are our heroes and you are the
reason we're still around.

We don't know exactly where things go from here, but we do know that it's
been a lot of fun, and we hope it