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Finnerty Convicted In D.C.

Finnerty was convicted in D.C
., where he had been accused of assault.
The judge gave him six months probation.

Finnerty, as you surely know, was one of three lacrosse players indicted for

His attorney, Steve McCool, said “Judge Bayly found Collin Finnerty guilty
of simple assault because he threw fake punches ... and because he scared one of
the complaining witnesses in the case. That's it."

Finnerty apparently made some pretty ugly remarks to the men who were
assaulted. It's not criminal to call someone gay, or to suggest he perform
a sexual act on another man, but it's not exactly a sign of good character,

The D.C. trial, in the scheme of things, is pretty trivial, although it's
probably good to have it out of the way.

Both of Finnerty's legal problems were fueled by alcohol. If we were in
his shoes, it'd be a long, long time before we had more than one beer.