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Court Date Set For Seligmann, Finnerty

In lacrosse news, a
court date has been set for May 18
for Reide Seligmann and Colin Finnerty.

And in other news, we've been unable to find a complete list of the eight
demands by the New Black Panthers. The Wilmington Journal has
, along
with some other information of note. The demands:

  1. A vigorous prosecution and investigation.
  2. No more hostile attacks and slander on the alleged victim.
  3. No more private meetings between Mayor Bill Bell, NCCU Chancellor James
    Ammons and Duke Pres. Richard Brodhead.
  4. Despite the massive media coverage, keep the trial in Durham.
  5. Immediately expel from school the indicted Duke students and those who at
    the wild off-campus party where the alleged rape took place for under age
    drinking and other violations of university codes of conduct.
  6. An end to “irresponsible and racist” media reports.
  7. Converting the house where the alleged rape occurred, into a rape crisis
    center. Duke University owns the property.
  8. An end to sexual assaults and rape overall.