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A Couple Of Recruiting Updates!

Evan Turner, a 6-7 kid from Illinois who was ready to commit to Herb Sendek
and N.C. State before Sendek's departure, and Demetri McCamey, a 6-3 point
visited Wake Forest after the T.O.C. concluded.
Turner recently got a call
from Chris Collins as well, something which pumped him up.

And Thad "the Mummy" Mumau has a column up with a rough quote from
Larry Davis's high school coach about why
Davis isn't going to N.C. State
after State hired Sidney Lowe: “I
don’t really know … I can only guess. You want me to guess? Well, they (N.C.
State) took two months to name a coach, and then, when they did, they named a
guy who can’t coach. That is about the stupidest thing I ever heard of.”